We are a Church in the heart of the Scottish Borders with a vision to make God famous:

  • IN OUR LIFE - We are following Jesus. The most important thing in our lives is to learn how to do what Jesus said to do.

  • AS CHURCH FAMILY - We are family together. We share our lives generously with each other & help each other follow Jesus.

  • AS WE GO - The Borders is our home. We want to love & serve the people that live here and beyond.

We believe that God's love can transform lives and communities, & we want to see that happening in the places that we live. We'd love you to come and be part of it and belong.


When you feel part of a family it makes sense that you’ll want to be involved & play your part. We encourage everyone to embrace our values:

  • GATHER - Commit to gatherings and be relationally connected.

  • GIFTS - Commit to serving others.

  • GIVE - Commit to financially supporting the vision of Hope Church.

  • GO - Commit to sharing God’s love & the good news of Jesus with others.


Our culture helps us determine who we are. These are all taken from Acts 2:42-47 an exciting picture of New Testament Church!

LOVE To know the intimate love of God the Father and seek His presence always.

JESUS It's all about Jesus. Only His grace saves us. Only His grace keeps us. We want to follow Him as radical uncompromising followers. True followers of Jesus make more followers.

SUPERNATURAL Holy Spirit filled, gifted and empowered to live for Jesus and serve in the church of Jesus. Knowing Holy Spirit power to save, heal, restore, and see the miraculous.

WORD The living, active & powerful word of God - central to all we believe and do.

PRAYERFULOnly God can move mountains but our prayers move God’. We must seek HIM first in everything.

FAMILY Where everyone finds their place, is loved & belongs. Where we enjoy smaller ‘families within the family’ to nurture, disciple, support and be accountable. 

GENEROUS Reflecting the generous heart of God. Generous with our lives, love and finance.

AUTHENTIC Real, open, honest, sharing our lives and being relevant to those around us.

TEAM Everyone has been called & gifted ‘created to do good works' we want to release & equip each other to serve Jesus and His church. And Empower the next generation. 

EXCELLENT God has given His very best. We want to serve His Church with our very best.