Hope Church is overseen by a leadership team of Elders who carry the responsibility for the doctrine, pastoring, & direction of the church. You can chat to any elder about church matters but in recognition of gifting we have different areas of interest. From left to right: Danny - Operations, Ewan - Prayer & Prophecy, Chris - Vision & Evangelism, Mike - leads the team, Johnny - Pastoral.

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Team Leaders head up each of our different teams and carry significant practical responsibility. Contact us if you need to get in touch with a Team Leader.

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Mike works full time as our Pastor and leads the Elders Team. He is married to Suzanne [below] and together they have a passion to see church be all that it can be.


Suzanne works part time with Hope as Sunday Coordinator as well as doing a great job of leading some of our ministries.


Ella works part time as our amazing Youth Leader, encouraging our young people & families.



A team of Trustees oversee the financial & legal side of Hope Church as a charitable organisation.

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We so value our partnership within the Newfrontiers family and are very blessed to be part of Relational Mission who offer fatherly apostolic wisdom. This is hugely encouraging & we are accountable to them as Hope Church Leadership.

In addition we enjoy support from Kings Church Norwich, City Church Cambridge & Kings Church Edinburgh. We are part of the Galashiels Fellowship of Churches, have good links with many local churches & meet with their leaders. We are interested in the Kingdom God is building with us all. We will always have affection for Selkirk Baptist Church who generously released us with their blessing to plant Hope Church. We are a member of Evangelical Alliance.